martes, octubre 10, 2006,4:55 p. m.
Diamanda Galas - Masque Of the Red Death(1989)Tremendo Avantgarde...!! CD1- The Divine Punishment And Saint Of The Pit-1986
1. Deliver Me From Mine Enemies
2. Free Among The Dead
3. La Treizihme Revient
4. Exeloyme
5. L'Heautonimoroumenos
6. Artimis
7 .Cris D'Aveugle


Disco 1

CD2 - You Must Be Certain Of The Devil-1988
1. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
2. Double-Barrel Prayer
3. Let's Not Chat About Despair
4. Birds Of Death
5. You Must Be Certain Of The Devil
6. Let My People Go
7. Malediction
8. The Lord Is My Shepherd


Disco 2

Triumvirat - Mediterranean Tales (1972) Sinfónicos
1. Across the waters
a) Overture
b) Taxident
c) Mind tripper
d) 5 o'clock tea
e) Satan's breakfast
f) Underture
2. Eleven kids
3. E minor 5/9 minor /5
4. Broken mirror

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  • At 16:34, Blogger Pat Caza

    super beau blog,
    beaucoup de travail, respect!

    "I'll be back"
    Thanks, merci

  • At 20:59, Anonymous Anónimo

    Hermano, fabulosa selección musical que compartes aquí !!
    Lamentablemente, en mi caso no consigo bajar la Galas..:(
    Se cae el link!
    Gracias de cualquier forma!

  • At 06:57, Anonymous Anónimo

    Hello. It's so great 'German ELP' Triumvirat 1st album. I like this one! thanks!

  • At 15:58, Blogger Spring Day

    Hi, thaaaaaanks a lot for this posting of Diamanda Galas. I downloaded it a while ago already, and finally got to listen to it today. Impressive. As you say: "tremendo". Muchas gracías.